After School Lesson

After School Lesson
Execution Occurred Chapter 5
Executed Makoto Naegi/Kyoko Kirigiri
Appearances Trigger Happy Havoc

After School Lesson was the fifth execution that was seen in the game Trigger Happy Havoc. The student that was assassinated in this execution was either Makoto Naegi or Kyoko Kirigiri.

[edit] The Execution

[edit] Makoto's Execution

Makoto's Death

This execution is the execution that leads to the good & true ending of the game. Makoto is in a room filled with school desks. In the center is a large conveyor belt, as he sits there, it goes backwards backwards. Behind him is a trash compactor that slams downwards, crushing whatever is underneath. Above is a television showing Monokuma's face on it. As his desk moves backwards, Monokuma dressed as a teacher appears in front of him and teaches him a lesson in class.

At the last second, the Monokuma on the television is replaced with Alter Ego. The compactor stops just as Makoto is about to be crushed. The conveyor belt keeps moving on and a door in the floor opens. Makoto then falls backwards through the deep hole in the floor.

[edit] Kyoko's Execution

Kyoko's Death

This execution is the bad execution, whereby the player chooses to object to Kyoko's lie in her tale of events. The remaining students live out the rest of their lives in despair in the Hope's Peak Academy, not discovering the secret that the school holds. Kyoko is in a classroom, sitting at a table. She is on a conveyor belt and edges nearer and nearer to a rubbish compactor. She finally goes into the rubbish compactor, and is crushed to death.

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