Chapter 2: Boys' Life of Despair

Chapter 2: Boys' Life of Despair is a chapter in the game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. In this chapter, Chihiro Fujisaki is murdered, with Mondo Owada being his killer.

[edit] Trial Answers

Phase Type Shoot Remarks Word Bullets
Nonstop Debate Iron pipe Locker Room Dumbbell
Nonstop Debate No proof for it Genocide Jack Case File
Multiple Choice - How the victim was positioned
Hangman's Gambit SCHIZO S, C, Z, O
Multiple Choice - Her behaviour changed
Nonstop Debate The modus operandi matches Status of the Dead Body
Multiple Choice - The victim's fatal injury
Multiple Choice - What was used to suspend her
Multiple Choice Because Chihiro was a girl
Identify the Person - Byakuya Togami
Nonstop Debate The victim was Chihiro Memorize: "Before we found the body"
Nonstop Debate I'd never seen that rope Library Desk Lamp
Multiple Choice - The scene of the crime
Choose Truth Bullet - Two Locker Room Posters
Choose Truth Bullet - Boys Locker Room Carpet
Nonstop Debate Leon Kuwata's handbook Broken e-Handbook
Multiple Choice - The killer is a guy
Nonstop Debate And only the killer Celestia Ludenberg's Account
Nonstop Debate Blue tracksuit Celestia Ludenberg's Account
Multiple Choice - The way he talked
Multiple Choice - It's Chihiro's
Multiple Choice - By hitting its weak point
Identify the Person - Mondo Owada
Nonstop Debate Works just fine Broken e-Handbook
Bullet Time Battle - Broken e-Handbook
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