Chihiro Fujisaki


Chihiro Fujisaki
Title Ultimate Programmer
Gender Male
Zodiac Pisces
Date Of Birth March 14th, 1988
Height 148cm
age 22(17 during Trigger Havoc)
Status Deceased

Chihiro Fujisaki was a student in the game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, he was known as the "Ultimate Programmer". He created an AI system called Alter Ego. Mondo killed Chihiro in a fit of rage.


[edit] Personality

Chihiro comes across as very shy and timid. He thought of himself as "weak", often saying that he does not want to die in the Academy. This belief came about as a result of experiences from his childhood, where he was frequently told to act tougher because he was male.

During the embarrassing secret motive, Chihiro was not reluctant to tell his secret, after Kiyotaka ordered that everyone should tell their secrets. However, the other students become quite sheepish, and refused to tell theirs. Chihiro's secret was that he was actually a male, even though he dressed as a female, Chihiro planned to tell the other students that he was male to get over this weak complex he had.

He was also a very nervous individual. After introducing himself to Makoto, he was very awkward with him, causing him to apologise numerous amounts of times.

[edit] Appearance

Chihiro did a very good job at tricking the other students that he was female, by dressing in a green schoolgirl outfit with a brown skirt and white blouse. He had short, choppy brown hair and brown eyes.

[edit] Background

[edit] Pre-Despair

Chihiro played video games as a child, since he was too weak to play with other children. His father was a system engineer and had developed a lot of computer programs. One day, Chihiro found an incomplete program and made modifications to it. His father was very proud and Chihiro realised he could create other programs.

During his later years, Chihiro often got picked on, being told to "act like a man". This caused him to dress as a female and guarded the secret that he was actually male very closely. Chihiro planned to tell the other students that he was male to get over this weak complex he had then in 2003, he attended St. Elbandia Academy as a freshmen while still crossdressing as a girl.

Chihiro was especially shocked at Leon's execution, and this caused others to see him as the weak party. Byakuya often picked on Chihiro for being "weak", taunting that it was the weak who die first. Mondo stepped in, saying it was not right to say things like that to the weaker students. Although Mondo had true intentions of being a friend, Owada's statement greatly demoralised Fujisaki.

The next morning, the students gathered at the Dining Hall. Mondo and Kiyotaka started arguing, which caused Chihiro to cry. Feeling guilty, Mondo realised that he was in the wrong and said he would do anything to protect Chihiro. This inspired Chihiro to become stronger and his friendship deepened with Mondo, realising he must become stronger to not be a burden on the other students. He said he will be starting to work out in the gymnasium, kindly declining Sakura and Aoi's invitation for him to work out with him, in fear of them finding out he is actually a male.

[edit] Death

Celestia, bumping into Chihiro

The students were called to the gymnasium for Monokuma to reveal another one of his motives, the embarrassing secret motive. Chihiro's secret paper slip said "Instead of wearing men’s clothes, Chihiro Fujisaki dresses as a girl". This did not scare Chihiro, and he was determined to tell someone about his secret. He chose to tell Mondo about his secret, who he greatly admired, inviting him to work out with him in the gymnasium in the night. That night, Chihiro hurried to the storage room in order to find a jacket that he could wear to work out in. Celestia came into the storage room, seeing Chihiro. Asking where he was going, Chihiro quickly ran off, stuffing a blue jacket in his bag.

Chihiro's Death

Having made it to the gymnasium and finding Mondo there, he revealed his secret that he was a male, not a female. Jealous and enraged, Mondo started to go through irrational thoughts about him being the weak party, not Chihiro. Mondo felt obliged to reveal his secret of "killing" his own brother, and he felt threatened by Monokuma's threat to reveal everyone's secrets. In a fit of rage, Mondo hit Chihiro over the head with a dumbbell in the male's changing room. He switched the posters in each changing room to keep Chihiro's secret safe.

Byakuya, having discovered the body, manipulated the scene of the crime by tying Chihiro up between two poles with an extension cord and writing "Blood Lust" on the wall - making it look like Genocide Jill had killed Chihiro.

Sakura, after discovering Chihiro is male.

During the Class Trial, Kyoko Kirigiri requested a break in the trial. Shocked, Monokuma asked why. Kyoko said that the new clue would "make the trial more entertaining" for Monokuma. Delighted, Monokuma approved of the trial break. The remaining students headed to the girls' changing room, where Chihiro's body was found. Kiyotaka yells that they had already examined this room, but is quickly shot down by Kyoko saying that the students need to examine Chihiro's body in more detail. With the males reluctant to do this since Chihiro was still believed to be a female, Sakura stepped in and said that she would examine the body. Shocked after examining Chihiro, Sakura exclaims that Chihiro is in-fact a male.

Suddenly, the tables had turned in the trial, with Mondo Owada being the prime suspect of Chihiro's murder. He stated that his secret was that he "killed" his own brother and after Chihiro revealed his secret, he felt like he had to. He did not want his secret to be revealed to anyone and was jealous over Chihiro's courage, this caused him to become enraged and consequently hitting Chihiro over the head with a dumbbell. He was executed in the Cage of Death.

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Alter Ego

Chihiro created Alter Ego in order to aid the rest of the team to discover the truth of the academy. He made it on an old laptop, founded in the library. Chihiro hid Alter Ego in the changing rooms, one of the rooms without a surveillance camera, in the hope that the other students would find it. Alter Ego calls Chihiro "Master", holding Chihiro in high regard.

[edit] Free Time

[edit] Presents

The following presents can be given to Chihiro in order for your bond to grow with him, they are available from the MonoMono Machine:

  • Blueberry Perfume
  • Kirlian Camera
  • Endless Dandelion
  • Super Strategy Encyclopedia

[edit] Choices

During getting to know Chihiro better, he will ask you some questions. The answers to which are:

  • Voice Input
  • Artificial Intelligence

[edit] Skills Obtained

The following skills, that can be used to aid you in Class Trials, are obtained after getting to know Chihiro:

  • Algorithm
  • Cheat Code

[edit] PSN Trophies

  • GoodFellows (Complete Chihiro's Report Card)

[edit] Report Card

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