Class Trial


Class Trial

The Class Trial is used in-game for discussions in order to find out the truth behind someone's death and their killer. If the students do not locate the correct culprit, they are all executed apart from the true culprit, who will escape. They are a series of discussions and mini-games.


[edit] Components

[edit] Nonstop Debate

Nonstop Debate

This component allows the students to discuss matters that stand out to them in the murder. Certain phrases will be highlighted in an orange colour, these are weak points that the player can "smash" with contradictory evidence using word bullets. Not all the weak points are in-fact weak points, only one or two will be weak points that will further the trial.

[edit] Epiphany Anagram

Epiphany Anagram

The player sometimes will go into this component which goes through Naegi/Hinata's mind. The player is required to go collect letters in order to seek a clue to solving the truth of the murder. Letters will float around the players head and they are required to shoot down all the letters that are required to make the word of the clue up.

[edit] Machinegun Talk Battle

Machine Gun Talk

As a rhythm-based minigame, the player needs to fire word bullets at the individuals comments. Each comment fired at will deplete the individual's Influence Gauge. The player must aim at the character's comments and smash through them with bullets, while staying in rhythm. The tempo will gradually increase if the player can continuously aim and destroy comments. The component is entered when the individual keeps on saying they are innocent/guilty and it is the players job to aim at the final blow and obliterate it, causing them to tell the truth.

[edit] Climax Logic

Climax Logic

A component similar to Epiphany Anagram, the player is required to go through the characters mind to explain the murder. The component is set out like a manga book and the player must put the images in the circles in the correct order. Once the player has finished the manga book correctly, the murder is then played out, all making sense. If the player fills it in incorrectly, the manga will tell the story up to the point where they have gone wrong, so the player knows what image to swap.

[edit] Cross Sword

A mini-game only available in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. In the trial, Hajime Hinata may find a weak point in their argument and they provide a counter argument. The player then "slashes" through this counter-argument with contradictory evidence.

[edit] Murder Trials

[edit] Trigger Happy Havoc

[edit] Goodbye Despair

[edit] Murderers

[edit] Trigger Happy Havoc

[edit] Goodbye Despair

[edit] Terminology

[edit] Influence Gauge

This is the player's "life" gauge, represented by a heart. Hearts are depleted if the player makes the wrong choices in the class trial and increased by making the right choices.

[edit] Concentration Gauge

This is the player's contraction level, represented by a star. When concentration is high, the player is able to fire more word bullets. It also increases the Crosshair Gauge.

[edit] Skills

These can be obtained by getting to know the player's fellow students in Free Time.

[edit] Multiple Choice

The player gets given a total of three answers to choose from per multiple choice session, only one of the answers will be correct. If the player chooses the wrong option, the influence gauge will decrease. If the influence gauge is not full and the player guesses correctly, their influence gauge will increase.

[edit] Ammunition

Converted the bullets, these are pieces of evidence relevant to the case that can be used to identity and obliterate any contradictions. There will be bullets that will not be necessary to use against a case.

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