Gundam Tanaka

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Gundam Tanaka
Title Ultimate Animal Breeder
Gender Male
Zodiac Saggitarius
Date of Birth December 14th, 1993
Height 182cm
Weight 19(17 during despair arc)
Status Alive

Gundam Tanaka was a character in the game Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, he was the "Ultimate Animal Breeder". He was executed in the Gundam Falling to the Earth execution.

--Personality--- Gundam appears as a "god" with the title as the dark evil with his hamsters as the "four dark devas of destruction" he is actually a breeder, and he claims to be great with treating Animals,

--Appearance-- Gundham has a long lack jacket that is always left open and, according to his reference sheet, is his school uniform. The left sleeve is pulled up to the elbow and held by silver pins and he wears a long purple scarf that often covers his mouth. The back of his jacket, as well as both ends of his scarf have a strange, vertical symbol printed on them. Under his jacket, he wears a white button-up shirt that is also left open, and another shirt under it which is slightly darker and has a greyish-purple cross design across its front. He seems to be wearing normal black pants held up with a black belt and silver buckle, and black boots with numerous straps across them.

Gundham's skin tone is noticeably pale and greyish compared to the other characters, which could suggest that he doesn't get out much. His head appears to be shaved from the neck up to his temple, where the rest of his hair seems to be slicked back with the exception of a poof of hair in the middle that sticks up and is fairly curly. His hair color is black with pale grey streaks through it. This may either be due to bleaching his hair or a melanin deficiency known as poliosis, giving him several 'Mallen streaks'

[edit] Background

--Pre-Despair-- As a child, Gundham lived with his mother; whether he had a father or not is unknown. Though he and his mother seemed to be in good relations, his mother was extremely terrible at cooking food which later became the basis for Gundham's self-belief that his body was filled with poison. He couldn't refuse to eat her food because she would start to cry if he didn't.

Gundham was never one for crowds or large events, and disliked it when he was touched by other people. He would often skip out on Sports Days and camp out in the school infirmary instead as so that he could avoid touching or being touched by other people.

Gundham has many other animals at home, and apparently has some very few, select people that he chooses as assistants in taking care of the animals he breeds. He also has a website about the dark arts, though he claims those that lack the proper abilities can only perceive a blog about animal breeding. He is also known for having successfully saved many endangered species with his breeding talents.

Gundham used to attend Fazal Commerce High School and later enrolled in Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Breeder, in the 77th Class. At some point, Gundham met Junko Enoshima, who manipulated him into joining the Ultimate Despair and soon started the Tragedy.

===Death=== he later got executed for killing Nekomaru Nidai aka, Mechomaru, he died from getting crushed by 100 bulls

[edit] Relationships

===Sonia Nevermind=== his crush,

===Kazuichi Souda=== his enemy, more notably someone he dosen't trust

[edit] Hajime Hinata

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