Leon Kuwata


Leon Kuwata
Title Ultimate Baseball Star
Gender Male
Zodiac Capricorn
Date Of Birth January 3, 1988
Height 175cm
age 22(17 in trigger havoc)
Status Deceased (Executed in Chapter 1)
Leon Kuwata was a character that appeared in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and was a student enrolled in Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Baseball Star. He was the best in his school as the fourth batter. Although playing Baseball, his true passion was music which resulting in him wanting to change his title to the Ultimate Musician. Leon was executed by Monokuma after the first class trial after being found guilty of killing Sayaka Maizono after her failed attempt at killing him.


[edit] Appearance

Leon has piercings as well as red, spiked hair. He has a goatee beard and pale blue eyes.

[edit] Personality

Leon was a very fiery, but passionate individual, similar to that of Mondo Owada. He dislikes baseball, and has a deep passion for music.

[edit] Background

[edit] Pre-Despair

Leon as a baseball player

In the Prologue, Leon expresses his hate for baseball, leaving a lot of people shocked. He says his passion is music. He shares with Makoto his ultimate dream, to become a vocalist in a successful band. He changes his title to the "Ultimate Musician". He is seen in some of the photos dropped by Monokuma, one in a group, but manly hug with Chihiro Fujisaki and Mondo Owada and the other, splashing Junko Enoshima in a swimming pool, then in 2003, he attended LL Academy as a Freshmen.

[edit] Death

During Chapter 1, Leon received a letter that was slipped under his door, instructing him to meet Sayaka in her room at night. Not knowing that Sayaka had swapped rooms and nameplates with Makoto, he had no idea that Sayaka's true intention was to kill him. When he entered the room, Sayaka attempted to stab Leon with a kitchen knife in Makoto's toolbox. Shocked by this, Leon picked up the nearest object to him to self-defend against Sayaka. He picked up the Katana that Makoto kept in his room for protection of him and Sayaka, waving it at her, hitting her wrist and therefore damaging it.

Not being able to use her wrist anymore to attack, Sayaka fled to the shower room, "locking" herself in with the funny door in Makoto's room. Leon did not know that the door can only be opened if you push the door upwards and so thought the door was locked. He used the tools in his toolbox to prise the door open, killing Sayaka in the process. Shocked, Leon tried to hide some evidence by cleaning up Makoto's room of Leon's hair and dispose of his bloodied shirt in the trash room, using the incinerator. Although the gates were locked to the trash room, Leon, being the ultimate baseball star, threw Yasuhiro's glass ball to start the incinerator. Unfortunately for his case, the sleeves of the shirt did not burn and would be used as evidence against him in the Class Trial.

Leon's Death

During the Class Trial, Makoto was able to pick out Leon as the culprit by Sayaka's dying message, written in her own blood the word "Leon". The method in which the shirt was burnt was also used against Leon, since nobody else in the academy could throw Yasuhiro's glass ball in order to start the machine as far as him, being the Ultimate Baseball Star. Still protesting his innocence, Leon was adamant that he did not kill Sayaka. Makoto ordered him to show the class his toolbox, in which he is stunned. He then pleads with Monokuma, saying that his act of murder was self-defense. It was then when Celestia Ludenberg mentioned that he could have simply went back to his room after Sayaka had locked herself in the shower room and his plead was declined. Leon was executed using The 1,000 Blows.

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Sayaka Maizono

In the anime, it was shown that the two were quite closely aquatinted, due to their passions for music. It is implied in the game, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, that he only wanted to calm down Sayaka when she locked herself in the shower room, but accidentally stabbed her whilst breaking into the room.

[edit] Makoto Naegi

The two became quite close with each other during Free Time, so much so that Leon invited Makoto to a baseball game after they had escaped the academy. When Leon was found guilty of Sayaka's murder, Makoto blamed Monokuma for causing this death, not Leon.

[edit] Free Time

[edit] Presents

The following presents can be given to Leon in order for your bond to grow with him, they are available from the MonoMono Machine:

  • Eternal Friendship Bracelet
  • Blueberry Perfume
  • Yasu Shishido T-Shirt
  • Project Zombie

[edit] Choices

While talking to Leon during free time he will ask you a question, the answer to which is:

  • Punk Rock

[edit] Skills

The following skills, that can be used to aid you in Class Trials, are obtained after getting to know Leon:

  • Pitcher's Rubber Arm
  • Dynamic Vision

[edit] PSN Trophies

  • Almost Almost Famous (Complete Leon's Report Card)
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