Mole Revelation (motive)

The Mole Revelation was the fourth and final motive that was used by The Mastermind in order for the students to commit murder.

[edit] The Motive

Once again, all of the students were ordered to go to the Gymnasium by Monokuma, this time with another motive. This motive revealed Sakura Ogami as a mole for Monokuma. Her task was to be the first to kill to stimulate the killing. However, this was not established since Leon Kuwata killed Sayaka Maizono before Sakura had the chance to kill. Sakura was blackmailed by Monokuma to be the mole. If she did not comply to Monokuma's demands, her dojo and the people in her dojo would be destroyed.

[edit] Despair

In this motive, Sakura committed suicide.

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