Monokuma Bottle


Monokuma Bottle
Use in-game Weapon
Chapter 5
Used by Yasuhiro Hagakure / Toko Fukawa
Used on Sakura Ogami

The Monokuma Bottle is a weapon used in the game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. There are, in total, six Monokuma Bottles. Two of which were used to attack Sakura Ogami, but the blows to the head with them did not kill her.


[edit] Plot

Sakura had slipped a letter under Byakuya, Yasuhiro and Toko's door; asking them to meet her in the Recreation Room so she could apologise to them for being the school's mole. This was her true intention, but the two students who visited her that night thought that Sakura was out to kill them. After the two attacks, Sakura felt deflated and so chose to end her own life, with neither of the students forgiving her for being the academy's mole for Monokuma.

[edit] Attacks

[edit] 1st Attack

Yasuhiro, getting the wrong idea of the message, attacked Sakura with a Monokuma Bottle, knocking her unconscious. Thinking he had killed her & panicked, he grabbed a magazine out of the magazine rack and wrote "Toko" on one of the pages.

[edit] 2nd Attack

Later on, after Yasuhiro, Toko had visited Sakura. Sakura had just awoken from unconsciousness, having blood on her face. Toko thought Sakura was going to kill her, since she had a "murderous glare", and so hit her over the head with another Monokuma Bottle. Thinking she had also killed Sakura & noticing the magazine, Toko closed the magazine and put it back on the rack upside down.

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