School Regulations

The School Regulations are a set of rules in which the students of Hope's Peak Academy must abide by to avoid being punished.

[edit] The Regulations

Rule 1 Students may reside only within the school. Leaving campus is an unacceptable use of time.
Rule 2 "Nighttime" is from 10 pm to 7 am. Some areas are off-limits at night, so please exercise caution.
Rule 3 Sleeping anywhere other than the dormitory will be seen as sleeping in class and punished accordingly.
Rule 4 With minimal restrictions, you are free to explore Hope's Peak Academy at your discretion.
Rule 5 Violence against headmaster Monokuma is strictly prohibited, as is destruction of surveillance cameras.
Rule 6 Anyone who kills a fellow student and becomes "blackened" will graduate, unless they are discovered.
Rule 7 Additional school regulations may be added if necessary.

[edit] Discontinuation of Regulations

[edit] Junko Enoshima

Enoshima attacking Monokuma

During the first Chapter, the first person to break one of the rules, Rule 5, was Junko Enoshima. She got angry at Monokuma and kicked him. The Monokuma bear exploded, only for another Monokuma bear to show. This Monokuma bear threw the "Spears of Gungnir" at Enoshima, puncturing her body and killing her.

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