Toolbox Knife

Toolbox Knife
Use in-game Murder Weapon
Chapter 1
Used by Leon Kuwata
Used on Sayaka Maizono

The Toolbox Knife is a weapon used in the game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. This weapon was used to, accidentally, kill Sayaka Maizono after Leon Kuwata used the weapon to enter the locked shower room. Not knowing that she was behind the door, the knife punctured her stomach.

[edit] Plot

Desperate to get out of the Academy, Sayaka turned to extreme measures and slipped a message under Leon's door, ordering him to come and see her in her room. She attempted to frame Makoto by switching the nameplates of her's and Makoto's door. She let Leon into her room and tried to use the Katana that Makoto kept in his room for protection to kill Leon. However, her plan backfired and Leon killed Sayaka in the shower room. With the last of her strength, Sayaka wrote a dying message, indicating the culprit's name in her own blood on the wall. Kyoto mentioned that this could have been an attempt to redeem herself for framing Makoto.

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