Yasuhiro Hagakure


Yasuhiro Hagakure
Title Ultimate Clairvoyant
Gender Male
Zodiac Leo
Date Of Birth July 25th,1986
Height 180cm
age 24(20 during trigger havoc) (29 despair arc)
Status Alive

Yasuhiro Hagakure is a character in the game Danganronpa:Trigger Happy Havoc, he is the "Ultimate Clairvoyant". He is one of the survivors of Hope's Peak Academy, despite being framed for the murder of Hifumi and Kiyotaka. He is the oldest student in the game, being 20 years old, he confessed that he dropped out of school a total of three times. Despite being the Ultimate Clairvoyant, his predictions are only 30% accurate.


[edit] Personality

Yasuhiro is very gullible, he bought his crystal ball for 100 million yen because it had been supposedly used by Napoleon, Genghis Khan and George Washington in the past. His gullibility is often played on by the other students early on in the game, and later on in the game he is convinced that Makoto Naegi is a ghost.

He is terrified of ghosts, often panicking through the game. This leaves the other students rather confused, since the words that come from his mouth when panicked do not make sense. During Class Trials, he seems to be the dim party, with Makoto Naegi often correcting him in the trials.

[edit] Appearance

The most noticeable element about Yasuhiro's appearance is undoubtably his hair, he has a large fan of spiked hair, it is dark brown. He wears a mustard coloured top, a white shirt and a khaki jacket, with matching khaki trousers. He has a large, mysterious scar on his back, as found out in the last amount of Free Time Makoto Naegi has with Yasuhiro.

[edit] Background

[edit] Pre-Despair

Like Toko, not much is known about Yasuhiro until the player gets to know him in Free Time. During Free Time, he says that he saved up money from being a Fortune Teller. He used his money to buy rare artefacts, such as his crystal ball. He bought his crystal ball for 100 million yen, apparently used by Napoleon, Genghis Khan and George Washington in the past. However, this turned out to be a fake.

Yasuhiro got himself in trouble after attempting to rinse a wealthy female client of her money, he suddenly was a target of the Mafia. He was not willing to repay these debts since he would have to sell off his treasured artefacts or dip into his savings. To escape capture, he chose to go in hiding in Hope's Peak Academy for three years. During the last amount of free time, he says that the mafia probably want his organs and asks Makoto for some of his so he could sell them to repay his debts. After Makoto's refusal, he orders him out of his room he attended Kiiwatetsu Commerce High School in 2001 as a freshmen before Hope's peak academy.

[edit] Framing Yasuhiro

The team, discovering Yasuhiro

During Chapter 3, Yasuhiro was framed for murdering Kiyotaka and Hifumi, the real murder being Celestia Ludenberg. In order to cover her tracks, she and Hifumi (before Hifumi's murder) framed Yasuhiro by knocking him out and placing him in a "Robot Justice" suit. Celestia then fakes Hifumi's death by making Hifumi to pretend to die, tricking the other students to look for the individual in the Robot Justice suit, bearing Justice Hammers to hit students with.

It is mentioned by Makoto that the one individual who nobody had seen yet prior to the murder of the two male students. Yasuhiro is later found, stuffed in the locker near the indoor pool with the Robot Justice suit near him. He complains of not remembering what happened, with Celestia declaring that he was the murderer right away. However, Yasuhiro was soon proven not guilty by Kyoko and Makoto, with him not being able to bend in the suit in order to move both bodies to the art room.

[edit] Framing Toko

During Chapter 5, Toko was framed for murder for Sakura's death. Sakura had slipped a letter under Byakuya, Yasuhiro and Toko's door; asking them to meet her in the Recreation Room so she could apologise to them for being the school's mole. Yasuhiro, getting the wrong idea of the message, attacked Sakura with a Monokuma Bottle, knocking her unconscious. Thinking he had killed her & panicked, he grabbed a magazine out of the magazine rack and wrote "Toko" on one of the pages. Later on, Toko had visited Sakura. Sakura had just awoken from unconsciousness, having blood on her face. Toko thought Sakura was going to kill her, and so hit her over the head with another Monokuma Bottle. Thinking she had also killed Sakura & noticing the magazine, Toko closed the magazine and put it back on the rack upside down. The investigating students discovered this, but found out it was Yasuhiro who had written the message and Sakura had took suicide.

[edit] Relationships

Surprisingly, Yasuhiro is a lone wolf in-game. He does not really connect with any other people in Hope's Peak Academy and keeps himself to himself. He seems to be the only student who does this in-game.

[edit] Free Time

[edit] Presents

The following presents can be given to Yasuhiro in order for your bond to grow with him, they are available from the MonoMono Machine:

  • Crystal Skull
  • Golden Space Shuttle
  • Prince Shotoku's Globe
  • Tamagushi
  • Meteorite Arrow

[edit] Choices

During periods of free time, talking to Yasuhiro he will sometimes ask you questions. The answers to these questions are:

  • Tarot Cards
  • UMA
  • Nazca

[edit] Skills Obtained

The following skills, that can be used to aid you in Class Trials, are obtained after getting to know Yasuhiro:

  • Lengthy Consideration
  • Crystal Ball Fortune Telling

[edit] PSN Trophies

  • The Sixth Nonsense (Complete Yasuhiro's Report Card)

[edit] Report Card

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Page 1
    Nothing in this tab.

Page 2
    Nothing in this tab.

Page 3
    Nothing in this tab.

[edit] Introduction Title


[edit] Trivia

  • In the demo of Trigger Happy Havoc, Yasuhiro is the first to die instead of Sayaka Maizono to avoid spoilers.
  • The only correct assumption he had made in-game was when he said "Nobody else was going to die" during the end of Chapter 4. After Sakura Ogami, there were no other deaths apart from Junko Enoshima, who was executed.
  • Yasuhiro has a fear of ghosts, often thinking they are around the academy.
  • His house once burnt down since his father did not put out a lit cigarette.
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