Chapter 1: To Survive

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Chapter 1: To Survive is a chapter in the game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. In this chapter, Sayaka Maizono is murdered, with Leon Kuwata being her killer.

[edit] Trial Answers

Phase Type Shoot Remarks Word Bullets
Nonstop Debate Didn't even have a chance to resist Evidence of a Struggle
Nonstop Debate Some random knife Kitchen Knife Set
Nonstop Debate When nobody was in the dining hall Aoi's Account
Multiple Choice - Sayaka Maizono
Hangman's Gambit H_I_ A, R
Choose Word Bullet - Bathroom Doorknob
Nonstop Debate locked it Bathroom Doorframe
Multiple Choice - The crime took place in my room.
Choose Truth Bullet Switching Rooms
Nonstop Debate The room that Makoto was staying in Dorm Nameplates
Multiple Choice - Sayaka Maizono
Choose Truth Bullet - Sayaka's Wrist
Nonstop Debate Sword-based sneak attack Replica Sword Sheath
Multiple Choice - Her palms
Multiple Choice - The water was off
Multiple Choice - Sayaka Maizono
Nonstop Debate Just aren't any more clues Dying Message
Multiple Choice - Left index finger
Identify Culprit - Leon Kuwata
Choose Truth Bullet - Burnt Shirt Piece
Multiple Choice - How it was disposed of
Nonstop Debate You'd have to get close to the incinerator Shattered crystal ball
Multiple Choice - Throw it
Multiple Choice - Ultimate Baseball Star
Bullet Time Battle - Toolkit
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