Monokuma File

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Monokuma Files are files given to the investigating students in order to guide them in their search for the truth.


Monokuma File #1

Victim: Sayaka Maizono
"The time of death was around 1:30am."
"The body was found in Makoto Naegi’s private room in the dormitory area."
"The victim was killed in that room’s shower."
"Cause of death is a wound to the stomach area made by a sharp object."
"Other than that, there are traces of a blow to her right wrist. In addition to the traces, her right wrist’s bone is broken."

Monokuma File #2

Victim: Chihiro Fujisaki
"The time of death was around 2am."
"The body was found in the second floor school area, in the girls’ changing room."
"Cause of death is a blow to the head with a dull object. Death was instantaneous.”

Monokuma File #3

Victim: Hifumi Yamada / Kiyotaka Ishimaru
"The victims are Hifumi Yamada and Kiyotaka Ishimaru. Both were killed by a blow to the head."
"A similar weapon was used for both murders."

Monokuma File #4

Victim: Sakura Ogami
"The time of death was around 12 at noon."
"The body was found at the recreation room on the 3rd floor of the school area."
"There are signs of a blow to the victim's head. It appears the head was struck hard. There are no other visible external wounds on the body."
"Additionally, there are signs the victim violently vomited blood."

Monokuma File #5

Victim: Mukuro Ikusaba
"Due to severe injuries suffered by the explosion, the body's identity is unclear."
"The explosion occurred after the victim's death."
"The knife wound in the abdomen area extends all the way to the victim's back. There is just one wound caused by the knife."
"There are also signs of a blow to the back of the head. It seems to have been caused by a cylindrical object, about as thick as a metal pipe."
"Other than that, there are signs of many other wounds on the body. However, they are old wounds that were not inflicted during the last few days."

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