C-9 Poison


C-9 Poison
Use in-game Murder Weapon
Chapter 4
Used by Sakura Ogami
Used on Sakura Ogami

The C-9 Poison is a weapon used in the game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. This was taken by Sakura Ogami, to result in her suicide.

[edit] Plot

Before committing suicide, Ogami wanted to make amends with Toko, Yasuhiro and Byakuya, slipping letters under the door, instructing them to go to the Recreation Room in order to meet her. Byakuya chose not to take Ogami up on her offer, however, the other two did. Yasuhiro, misinterpreting the letter, hit Sakura over the head with one of the Monokuma bottles, thinking that Ogami was out to kill him. In a panic, Yasuhiro wrote the name "Toko" in one of the magazines from the stand near to Ogami's body, in order to convince the other students that Toko had killed Ogami.

Later on, Toko visited Ogami. Waking up from her unconsciousness, Ogami had blood on her face and had a look that she was going to kill Toko. Panicked, Toko hit her with the other Monokuma Bottle. She noticed her name on the magazine in Ogami's blood, and closed it, putting it back upside-down. She then left the room.

However, this did not kill Ogami. She made her way to the Chemistry Lab, taking a bottle of poison. Later on, she ordered Aoi to get her a protein shake. She downed the concoction of the protein shake and poison, eventually vomiting blood and dying. Aoi told the other students to vote for her during the trial because she thought she had killed her, Makoto declined and said that Sakura had committed suicide.

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