Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Lab
Location 4th Floor
Discovered Chapter 3
Appearances Trigger Happy Havoc

The Chemistry Lab is a location in the game Danganronpa:Trigger Happy Havoc, it is discovered by the remaining students in Chapter 3.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Sakura's Death

Powder, spilled across the Chemistry Lab's floor.

Sakura Ogami's death is initially centred around this location, because of the protein power spill. A bottle of C-9 Poison was also found to be missing from this location, which was later found at the crime scene. Footprints were founded in the powder spill, which were too large to be the majority of females' in Hope's Peak Academy. After all of the male students were tested to see if their shoe prints matched, the remaining students drew a blank.

The shoe prints, not belonging to any of the remaining students, had to be that of Sakura herself. After a thorough examination of Sakura's body, the protein powder was found on the top of Sakura's shoes. The likelihood that it was Sakura's shoe prints grew, and this was used as evidence in the trial that Sakura had in fact committed suicide.

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