Chiaki Nanami

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Chiaki Nanami
Title Ultimate Gamer
Gender Female
Zodiac Pisces
Date Of Birth March 14th, 1995
Height 160cm
age 18(17 in Despair arc) 3(activation)
Status Deceased
Year of Activation March 14th, 2009

Chiaki Nanami was a character in the game Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, she was the "Ultimate Gamer". Nanami is none other than an AI made by Alter Ego, that was tricked into killing Nagito Komaeda.


[edit] History

Being an AI, Chiaki has existed only for a few years and only exists inside the Neo World Program.

She was created either soon before or after the Tragedy started. Along with her "sister" Usami, she works for the Future Foundation and moderates the others on the virtual Jabberwock Island as NPCs/Observers.

She was created by Chihiro and considers him her father, but she has no memory of him though she has heard many things about him. She was presumably modified by her "big brother" Alter Ego after Chihiro Fujisaki's death.

[edit] Appearance

Chiaki has short, light pink hair which is slightly curled. She wears a white clip in the shape of the spaceship from Galaga to the side of her face and has pale pink eyes. She wears a one button blue-grey cardigan,with a hood that has pointed ears on the top and two pink markings on the front.

Chiaki is often seen wearing a pink cat-like backpack as well. Under her hoodie, she wears a white buttoned shirt with a pink ribbon and a pale brown skirt. Chiaki also wears thigh highs the same color as her jacket and pink shoes.

[edit] Background

Chiaki normally has a quiet and sleepy disposition, but she becomes a lot more lively when discussing games and concentrates hard when playing. She often uses gaming terms and game references. She has a number of unusual habits, such as dozing off while playing games and taking long pauses during her conversations to think about everything she wants to say. She sometimes even sleeps while standing and forgets to breathe when she's playing games.

Chiaki is very calm and she once mentioned that she has never screamed. She often helps Hajime Hinata during Class Trials and provides important points. She can be stern and bluntly honest, at times forgetting to take other people's feelings into consideration.

While Chiaki is extremely observant and analytical, she lacks knowledge on a variety of ordinary subjects due to the nature of her existence - for example, she doesn't know where milk comes from (she mentions that she knows how babies are made, though). She doesn't really understand how romantic love works and she is curious about it. She also feels a bit uncomfortable around animals, because they're unpredictable and feel warm when touched, which is "a bit scary" in her opinion. She is occasionally a bit playful and tries to make jokes or little pranks on Hajime, though they're a bit weird and sometimes borderline creepy.

[edit] Relationships

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