Mondo Owada


Mondo Owada
Title Ultimate Biker Gang Leader
Gender Male
Zodiac Gemini
Date of birth June 9, 1987
Height 187cm
age 23(17 in trigger havoc)
Relationships Daiya Owada (Brother)

Mondo Owada was a student in the game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, he was known as the "Ultimate Biker Gang Leader". He was second-in-command of Crazy Diamonds, a biker gang, before his brother's passing; eventually becoming leader. He killed Chihiro in a fit of rage and was executed using the Cage of Death.


[edit] Personality

To fit in with his biker gang leader title, Owada has a fearsome temper as well as being rude to a lot of the other students. He constantly swears and tries to convince himself that he is a strong individual. This behaviour stemmed from gang members in the Crazy Diamonds when he became leader after his brother's, Daiya Owada, death. They constantly questioned his ability to lead the group due to him being the younger brother of Daiya.

Despite all of this, Owada has a soft spot for dogs. During free time with him, Makoto learns that he used to have a dog called Chuck.

[edit] Appearance

Owada wears a black jacket with his gang emblem on the back. He has strawberry blonde, somewhat curly hair that points at the front.

[edit] Background

[edit] Pre-Despair

Before Owada joined his brother's biker gang, the Crazy Diamonds, he looked up to his older brother and even called him the greatest gang leader in Japan. It was his loyalty and respect towards his older brother, Daiya Owada, that made him want to be a part of the Crazy Diamonds. Often feeling intimidated by Daiya's success, Owada challenged his older brother to a street race for gang leader title. However, Owada became too careless and found himself in front of a truck. His older brother quickly pushed Owada aside and took the hit for him, which consequently killed him. Daiya's last words ordered Owada to keep the gang together then in 2002, he attended First Volcano High School, as a freshmen.

It was this incident that was used against him. When the students took part in the second motive, Owada's embarrassing secret was noted as "Killing his own brother". This drove Owada to murder.

[edit] Death

Mondo's Death

After Monokuma revealed the students' secrets, Chihiro approached Mondo, stating that he wanted to get stronger and he thinks that Mondo can help, Mondo still believed that Chihiro was female at this point. Chihiro collected some things from the storeroom, before bumping into Celeste. Mondo and Chihiro met at the boys' changing rooms in the gymnasium, it was here where Chihiro revealed his secret, he was not actually a girl, he was in-fact a boy. Jealousy of Chihiro's strength, a strength in which Mondo did not have, he hit Chihiro over the head with a dumbbell in a fit of rage. He was found guilty and sent to death in the Cage of Death.

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Daiya Owada

Daiya was Mondo's older brother. The two brothers were very close, with Mondo looking up to his older brother.

[edit] Kiyotaka Ishimaru

Mondo and Kiyotaka in a sauna

At first, the two seemed rather distant Before Mondo committed murder, Mondo and Kiyotaka had a challenge to see who could stay in the sauna the longest. During this time, it was made apparent to Mondo that the student e-reader breaks whenever it is exposed to intense heat. After the challenge, Kiyotaka and Mondo became close, almost inseparable. After Mondo's execution, Kiyotaka entered a catatonic state.

This trick was used to throw Chihiro's e-reader into the fire after Mondo killed him.

[edit] Free Time

[edit] Presents

The following presents can be given to Mondo in order for your bond to grow with him, they are available from the MonoMono Machine:

  • Turbo Cup Ramen
  • Roller Slippers
  • Brand New Sarashi
  • Super Chinchilla Upholstery

[edit] Choices

During getting to know Mondo better, he will ask you some questions. The answers to which are:

  • An exhaust system without a muffler
  • A fistfight
  • Silencer
  • Leaving someone to die
  • Dogs

[edit] Skills Obtained

The following skills, that can be used to aid you in Class Trials, are obtained after getting to know Mondo:

  • Shift Down
  • Shift Up

[edit] PSN Trophies

  • Rebel Without a High School Degree (Complete Mondo's Report Card)

[edit] Introduction Title


[edit] Report Card

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