Movie Clips (Motive)

The Movie Clip was the first motive that was used by The Mastermind in order for the students to commit murder.

[edit] The Motive

All of the students were ordered to go to the Gymnasium for an announcement. Awaiting them was Monokuma, explaining the rules on how to escape Hope's Peak Academy. Then, he will be giving all of the students motives in order to kill to make it more "interesting".

Makoto's was a video clip of his family, greeting him. Suddenly, the video clip becomes muffled and the sofa Makoto's family were sitting on is teared and no presence of his family is seen. The video clip then displays "Find out what happened after graduation". In disbelief, Makoto shunned the video clip as a sham.

With Sayaka looking particularly scarred, Makoto asked what was on her video. She refused to answer and declared that she needed to get out of the Academy.

[edit] Despair

In this motive, it was Leon who killed Sayaka. Desperate to get out of the Academy, Sayaka turned to extreme measures and slipped a message under Leon's door, ordering him to come and see her in her room. She switched the nameplates of her's and Makoto's door after switching rooms with Makoto. Sayaka did this in order to frame Makoto.

She let Leon into her room and tried to use the Katana that Makoto kept in his room for protection to kill Leon. However, her plan backfired and Leon killed Sayaka in the shower room. With the last of her strength, Sayaka wrote a dying message, indicating the culprit's name in her own blood on the wall. Kyoko mentioned that this could have been an attempt to redeem herself for framing Makoto.

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