Pain Pain Go Away

Pain Pain Go Away
Execution Occurred Chapter 3
Executed Mikan Tsumiki
Appearances Goodbye Despair

Pain Pain Go Away was the third execution that was seen in the game Goodbye Despair. The person that was assassinated in this execution was Mikan Tsumiki.

[edit] The Execution

The execution consisted of Mikan being on a hospital bed, with Monokuma as the nurse. Having a large syringe in his hand, Monokuma runs at Mikan with the syringe. The bed is revealed to be a rocket and Monokuma injects the contents of the syringe into the rocket. This causes Mikan to go into an ecstatic state, with the rocket changing colour and finally blasting off. Monokuma held onto the rocket until the back of the rocket departed from the main body of the rocket. Mikan keeps hold of the rocket when it is in space and dies from a lack of oxygen.

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