Please Insert Coin

Please Insert Coin
Execution Occurred Chapter 5
Executed Monomi and Chiaki Nanami
Appearances Goodbye Despair

Gundam Falling to the Earth was the fourth execution that was seen in the game Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. The creatures that were assassinated in this execution were Chiaki Nanami and Monomi.

[edit] The Execution

Chiaki is locked inside a small room, with a lot of Monomis. Monokuma bursts into the room, riding a tank and starts to shoot at them. During this time, Chiaki spots an exit and dashes out of the room, taking Monomi with her. Monokuma tracks them down, and tramples a few more of the Monomi army in the process. Chiaki enters another room, with a glass panel stopping them from continuing. They are trapped and are pushed into a tiny gap, only to be crushed to death by Tetris blocks. The tetris bricks then explode.

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