Teruteru Hanamura

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Teruteru Hanamura
Title Ultimate Cook
Gender Male
Zodiac Virgo
Date of Birth September 2nd, 1994
Height 133cm
age 19(17)
Status Deceased

Teruteru Hanamura was a character in the game Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, he was the "Ultimate Cook". He was executed in the Hanamura Tonkatsu execution.


[edit] Personality

Teruteru is very lewd and usually can be seen hitting on anyone near him, male and female alike, often to the point of sexual harassment. Similar to Hifumi Yamada from the previous game, he can react to the slightest innuendo that surfaces in a conversation. However, he goes much further in his behavior than Hifumi, as he is completely fine with touching others without their consent and he's even been known to drug people with his food (like Hajime during the last Free Time Event) and try to take advantage of gullible ones (like trying to trick Sonia into sucking "poison" out of him). This, along with the fact that he very openly speaks about sexual things he's into, makes the others sometimes feel uncomfortable and grossed out around him.

When he is not making innuendos or hitting on someone, Teruteru is shown to be decently friendly and relatively upbeat. He takes great pride in his cooking, insistently telling other people to call him Ultimate Chef instead of Ultimate Cook, as it 'gives off a more urban feeling'. He tries to create an image of a stylish urban person, sometimes even telling lies about his life and acting somewhat arrogant. He is ashamed to talk about his real home in the countryside, even though he loves his mother back at home greatly. He is motivated to work hard to help his sickly mother and make people he cares about happy with his food, though this original goal of his often gets clouded by his desire for fame and fortune. Similarly, he began to focus only on complex and fancy food, even though in reality he deeply loves more simple type of food like the ones his mother made. Nevertheless, he takes cooking very seriously and is angered whenever someone treats ingredients and food in a way he considers offensive. He also has a strong dislike for junk food, openly calling it "shitty".

[edit] Background

Teruteru says he was born in Nishi-Azabu district in Minato, Tokyo, and raised in southern Aoyama. This is revealed to be a lie, as he actually comes from an unnamed town in the countryside; a fact he takes great stride in denying to others. He attended Kochi Prefectural Harajuku High School, hinting that he might have lived in the Kōchi Prefecture. He also had younger siblings, whom he dislikes because they were Hope's Peak potentials being Ultimate Host and Baroque Girl.

[edit] Pre-Despair

Teruteru's family ran its own diner, but unfortunately, his mother had an illness, causing her to be frail and collapse at times. It's also implied that their diner is constantly targeted by big chains and other businesses attempting to buy it out, prompting Teruteru to even enter an unnamed competition with his skills to help stall this. He dreamed to even one day open up diners in Azabu and Aoyama, the very places he constantly claimed to have come from to his classmates. He also claims to have competed in a cooking death

[edit] Apperance

He has a plump body and wears a classic chef outfit. It is composed of a white apron with a red undershirt, a red handkerchief/scarf around his neck. Three silver stars are pinned on the right side of his undershirt. A small chef's hat sits on his head. He has dark brown hair all over that is styled in a pompadour that noticeably leans to the left, and constantly carries around a comb to fix his hair.

Unlike the characters of the first and the second game, Teruteru's eyes are normally two, dark dots or remain closed in the anime fashion. One sprite expression of his comically has his eyes in a style reminiscent of bishounen manga, and thick eyebrows accompanied with a nosebleed.

As the Ultimate Despair, he has red clothes, along with a larger red chef's hat. The scarf around his neck is now yellow. He tends to carry food ingredients on his back.

[edit] Death

Teruteru was killed in Chapter 1, as his execution he was poured into hot steam and the Mono-Helicopter drove him into the dark pits of what is known as a big cooking machine

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Mother

Teruteru's mother was very sick, he went to the Hope's Peak Academy in order to learn some new skills to successfully take over the family's culinary business from his mother. He only killed to see his mother once again.

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