The Ultimate Punishment

The Ultimate Punishment
Execution Occurred Chapter 6
Executed Junko Enoshima
Appearances Trigger Happy Havoc

The Ultimate Punishment was the sixth and final execution that was seen in the game Trigger Happy Havoc. The student that was assassinated in this execution was Junko Enoshima.

[edit] The Execution

Junko hitting the button in order to be killed

At first, Junko hits the red button, which Monokuma would usually press in order to start the execution. Before hitting the button, her eyes spin with swirls. She gives her final speech followed by a loud, evil laugh. Junko stayed relatively calm for the execution, with her holding up her hand in a peace sign at the execution where she is finally killed.

Junko's Death

In this execution, Junko goes through all of the other previous executions seen in the game. Junko went through the following executions in order:

It is not until the After School Lesson where she is killed, she is crushed by the trash compressor.

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