Title Ultimate Wikier
Gender Female
Appearances Neoseeker
Birthday 1st May
Height 5'4"
Weight 44kg
Relationships User:Sigma (Friend)
Status Survivor

Aurigae is a member on Neoseeker. She contributes to the Danganronpa NeoWiki as well as being a previous NeoWiki admin of the Professor Layton NeoWiki. On the site, she is the category moderator of Nintendo 3DS Games.



  • Character Profiles - Mukuro, Sayaka, Jin, Celestia, Mondo, Leon, Sakura and Genocide Jill all complete,

UPDATE: Toko and Hifumi are now complete. Focus on Junko, Kiyotaka, and survivors. Makoto and Kyoko are going to be large pages.

  • Games - Game Summaries and character summaries on the pages.
  • Chapters - Chapter summaries to be completed
  • Motives - One motive left, the "Mole Revelation", more information to be added in the remaining motives.


  • Deaths - Death pages to be added. (Trigger Happy Havoc character executions all done)